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Since 2003, Digital Science Press Inc., has been on the forefront of delivering medical information and indispensable resources to its enthusiastic audience of healthcare professionals.



Combining the trust and influence of print publishing with the immediacy and innovation of a digital shop, we've been shaping high-class, high-science programs while guiding standards of care for our vast audience.



No matter the media, no matter the message, Digital Science Press has a reputation that meets and exceeds those among the very best in healthcare publishing.


Undisputed leaders within urology, we have the industry knowledge, connections, and relationships to forge new paths, products and ideas within oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, rheumatology, or wherever the science takes us.

Physicians, NP/PA's, nurses, pharmacists, managed care professionals, and even educated patients are all within our target, reach and influence, ensuring vital touch points across the full spectrum of healthcare stakeholders.