About Us

Since 2003, Digital Science Press, Inc. has been on the forefront of providing education to global healthcare professionals and has established itself as the most trusted and comprehensive global education resource within urology and GU oncology.

OUR MISSION is to provide free, accurate, timely, evidence-based news and information to help healthcare providers stay up-to-date on relevant conditions and to patients for better understanding of symptoms and treatments – empowering both groups to access evidence-based diagnosis and treatment solutions from anywhere in the world.

Our Expertise


The leadership of Digital Science Press has extensive experience developing and managing experts as a critical success factor for the educational offerings on UroToday.

The objective of our work is to create content that drives education and improved patient care. We leverage the UroToday portal to create and publish expert-led videos, articles, playlists, and podcasts for our large and growing global audiences across all areas of urology and urologic oncology. This mutual exchange of ideas drives the latest information from all resources, e.g. conferences, print manuscripts and clinical trials through our educational portal and focuses on practical clinical experience distilled into short, easy to watch videos.

UroToday’s self-directed learning programs for clinicians provides a range of the best experts along with their reflections on impacting patient care. UroToday collaborates with selected experts to translate the science for clinical practice focusing the discussions on the right patient, the right treatment at the right time.


Whether it’s state-of-the-art content from conferences worldwide, commentaries that look beyond published abstracts, or video lectures – our expert physician relationships allow for all of our content to be written only by physicians for physicians.


The art of online engagement is creating credible content that is timely, accurate and easy to access. Information from publications and conferences occurs regularly and these articles are posted daily by disease categories. The information that influences clinical trials or clinical practice is delivered in multiple formats (for example videos, podcasts, text or twitter discussions), driving engagement through the investigators, or other experts. Using a double-opt in registration allows UroToday to push content to our audience as it is posted and then periodically organize topics into customized emails that shine the light on the patient selection, the optimal treatment and the best timing for the treatments in the selected patient. The objective is to invest in keeping the audience up-to-date in their focused areas of the information they want and value.

"I work with many Urologists in the prostate cancer area and I'm always looking for a way to add value and inform them of the latest in the field. Your site is the best I've seen."