Core Team

Gina B. Carithers

Founder, CEO

Gina B. Carithers is the founder and CEO of UroToday, the UroToday International Journal, Everyday Urology - Oncology Insights, and recently GU OncToday: all Digital Science Press properties. UroToday was launched in 2003 to establish an up-to-date, accessible, clinical reference platform that reinvented the traditional ways of disseminating genitourinary condition information. UroToday offers content in text (250 content items posted each week), state of the art peer-to-peer lectures, clinical paper commentaries by the authors (Beyond the Abstracts), coverage of intenational conferences and a develoing area for clinical trials. With over 20 years at DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Ms. Carithers acquired a diversified experience in global commercialization and marketing and a passion for providing quality, state of the art access to unbiased information that translates clinical trial data into improving health and patient outcomes.