Gina B. Carithers, Founder

Gina B. Carithers is the founder of UroToday and the UroToday International Journal, both Digital Science Press companies. UroToday was launched in 2003 to establish an up-to-date, accessible, clinical reference platform that reinvented the traditional ways of disseminating urological information.

With over 20 year at DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Gina acquired a diversified experience in global sales and marketing, spearheading product launches in the areas of cardiovascular, neurology and infectious diseases. Her leadership of the HIV Global Project Team in clinical and commercial development was a transformational experience.

A California native and graduate of UC Berkeley, she returned home to California in 2001 and for the past decade has been dedicated to building and refining UroToday, creating a monthly peer-reviewed journal and daily urology online news resources. She also provides website design consultation and special multimedia distribution for medical special events.

Joe Palumbo, President

For the past 20 years, Joe's focus has been laser-sharp on how to best serve his clients' needs. Pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech companies have trusted and been beneficiaries of Joe's ability to cultivate strong and profitable relationships while developing cost-effective, strategic sales solutions. Confident, ambitious and dedicated, Joe's energy has been focused on challenging the traditional way of thinking about sales and experimenting with bold, innovative programs that redefine medical communications advertising. From Abilify to Zytiga, Joe's reach in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies provides an impressive roster of decision-making executives whose marketing initiatives need a champion.

Prior to joining Digital Science Press in his executive role leading business development, Joe spent several year selling directly for publishers great and small. Joe began his career with Intellisphere, LLC, and climbed his way to one of the largest medical publishers in the world, Elsevier. In addition, Joe spent time with Eveo, a full-service healthcare communications agency rooted in innovation and technology.