Recently, UroToday launched three new Centers of Excellences (COE), featuring curated educational content from leading experts in specific disease areas, on the topics of Bladder Health, Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and Advanced Kidney Cancer. The dedicated COE editors are Diane K. Newman, DNP, ANP-BC, FAAN, Benjamin M. Brucker, MD, and Sumanta (Monty) Kumar Pal, MD respectively. Newman, Brucker and Pal join a strong cohort of medical oncologists and urologists who comment on other disease states such as varying forms of prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and the use of imaging for these diseases.

In Diane Newman’s first letter as editor of the Bladder Health section, she wrote that she hopes the new Bladder Health center of excellence will “broaden awareness of nocturia and bring new treatments to patients.” Her latest, “From the Desk of the Editor - Discouraged patients, frustrated clinician!” gives readers a look at how Newman deals with overactive bladder symptoms as they present in two different patients.

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Benjamin Brucker wrote that he hoped that his new Center of Excellence on Nocturia would “allow our community to explore all of the facets of this condition, its diagnostic work-up and its treatments.” He wrote that although developing an understanding of all of the components that affect lower urinary tract health can be difficult, ”the goal is simple, our patients deserve a good night sleep!” Since then, he has written two more posts that highlight the balance between treatment for prostate cancer and quality of sleep, and improving quality of life while treating lower urinary tract symptoms.

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In Monty Pal’s first letter as editor of the Advanced Kidney Cancer section, he expresses his dedication to bringing the latest developments in RCC research to his Center of Excellence and hope it will help with the day to day management of patients that readers are seeing in their practice.

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UroToday’s Centers of Excellence provide forums for medical professionals or their patients to view conference postings and video lectures centered on a specific subject, as well as posts written by the editor’s sharing their own perspectives or analysis of recent updates.